To cope with competition and remain competitive, it’s imperative to use appropriate tools to save maximum of time and get the best payback possible on investment. A CRM strategy is often associated with the development of software solutions to automate processes and make information exchange possible, as well as the establishment of a common database shared between several staff members.
This system aims to streamline information about an activity in order to increase commercial competitiveness of the company and improve profitability. Whether to increase sales, improve productivity, understand the needs of its customers, identify new opportunities or get a better organization of the activity, the CRM is the ideal solution.
Active CRM solution
Active CRM is a low cost, new generation, integrated management software platform for call centers, specifically the telemarketing (outbound calls). The turnkey solution includes the modules required for production such as campaign creation, telemarketing, appointments scheduling as well as administration and analysis tools. Active CRM is designed for businesses of all sizes who want to professionalize their telemarketing cell and improve profitability.
Diagram: Active CRM solution architecture

8 good reasons to choose Active CRM:

Data and production processes are synchronized with a remote server to make them accessible via the Web through a secure extranet exclusively used by the call center. The data centralizing platform allows sale agents to view and access their agendas and communicate the result of their business approaches; this gives supervisors the ability to overview the activity. The centralization platform gives also the managers the ability to monitor activity remotely via the Web and have access to different indicators and statistics.
The computer telephony integration aka CTI gives the ability to integrate phone systems (PBX, IPPBX etc...) to a software (CRM), and offers a great saving of time on two levels. The first is the automatic dialing (preview, progressive, predictive etc...) which speeds up the process, eliminates human intervention and avoid typing errors. The second level is the detection of non-answer, busy, answering-machine and fax, so only successful calls are routed.
The solution’s modules are completely customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs and the working methods of each call center, especially the questioning form, the scripting and the statistics.
The solution’s theme is adapted to the call center’s graphics, logos and color codes are used to customize the skin of the different user interfaces in order to preserve the identity of the center.
Active CRM enables call centers to focus on their core business in order to increase their revenue. The activity is fully automated, from the campaign creation to the result of the commercial approach.
Developed from a real analysis of actual needs and based on the latest technologies in software development, the solution has been optimized to provide a better experience in terms of responsiveness, stability and scalability.
Simple, intuitive and ergonomic, the solution is user friendly and simplifies the access to the different modules thanks to the navigation systems and the integrated dashboards.
Active CRM is a turnkey solution easy to deploy, updates are automatic. An extensive training is provided to users in order to ensure an effective use.