Active CRM is a set of modules based on logical separation of tasks and responsibilities. The solution consists of four distinct and complementary client modules.
To run these different modules, two servers are set up:
  • Production server (local): Hub of the solution, it provides processing, data synchronization and updates. A console provides an overview of the status of the Server and allows its administration.
  • Centralization server (remote): centralized data platform that enables sale agents to access their agendas and managers to monitor the activity.
Client applications are distributed on two levels: Win32 applications at the local level (Agent and Supervisor) and remotely accessible Web applications (WebAgenda and WebMonitor).
    Agent   Supervisor   WebAgenda   WebMonitor  
Intended for phone operators, the agent module provides campaign processing trough out a predefined telemarketing questioning form. It was designed to make life easier to the users and improve their productivity.

Interfacing with telephony solutions present in the market (Alcatel, Ericsson, Asterisk, etc...) enables automatic dialing from the contact form and simplifies the operator tasks.
Main roles:
  • Telemarketing: This action provides an opportunity to build a qualified database, an important tool that can be used for specific marketing approaches thanks to the multi-criteria selection and the exporting feature.
  • Appointments making: As part of a campaign to make appointments, phone operators have access to the sale agents’ agendas and can make reservation through an easy to use integrated calendar.
Key functionalities:
  • Prospect information sheet
  • Questionnaire’s script view
  • Manual or automatic call process(CTI)
  • Prospect information gathering via questionnaire
  • Call classification
  • Automatic classification of unanswered calls (CTI)
  • Recall scheduling
  • Appointments making with calendar
  • Appointments history
  • Access to the sale agents agendas
  • Supervisor’s messages view